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Shrink2Shrink's podcast

Like Siskel and Ebert with a psych twist.  Each month, 2 therapists use a movie (clips included) to explore the human condition. Using the movie characters and the content, two therapists discuss relationships, mental health and share insights that we can all use in our own lives and we learn from the movies!

Feb 17, 2019

Were we then and are we now, a culture of fame; intoxicated by popularity to the point that we abandon our safety, intelligence, and reason?

Will Smith leads the narrative through bright, insightful and provocative storytelling. He and this all star cast work together to make us think about our relationships, to our family and to ourselves.  

Dr. Colleen Mullen and Courtney Calkins, break down the wisdom from this film, about who we are in relation to each other and what people really want out of their lives.  

Dr. Colleen Mullen

Courtney Calkins - QuadFather



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Six Degrees of Separation (1993)

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