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Shrink2Shrink's podcast

Like Siskel and Ebert with a psych twist.  Each month, 2 therapists use a movie (clips included) to explore the human condition. Using the movie characters and the content, two therapists discuss relationships, mental health and share insights that we can all use in our own lives and we learn from the movies!

Apr 30, 2016

Killing your spouse, that is really bad for a relationship & other wiser observations 

@DrColleenMullen @QuadFatherMft 
2 Shrinks talk about Type A vs Type B in relationships & more relationship tips

Do you know your Authentic self? Who are you in relationships if you don’t know?

How to stay away from arguments when you disagree & creating “good repair”

Do you need to know yourself in order to be your best in your relationship?

How long does it take to REALLY know a person

Do you want to be right or have a relationship?

Couples go through seasons of life, they develop & change, like individuals develop @DrColleenMullen #GoneGirl @Shrink2Shrink

Do you get friendly with the ex-partner of your current relationships? @DrColleenMullen  #GoneGirl @Shrink2Shrink

Gone Girl (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)