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Shrink2Shrink's podcast

Like Siskel and Ebert with a psych twist.  Each month, 2 therapists use a movie (clips included) to explore the human condition. Using the movie characters and the content, two therapists discuss relationships, mental health and share insights that we can all use in our own lives and we learn from the movies!

Jul 30, 2017


This series deals with the sad situation of teen suicide and it also delves into painful situations of blame, bullying, sexual harassment and rape.  In Part 2 of this 2-part podcast, Courtney and Colleendiscuss, social media influences, date rape, teen alcoholism, brain development.  

The resources we utilized are:

Jul 2, 2017

This episode of the Shrink 2 Shrink on Film podcast brings you Part 1 of our view of the subject matter of the new Netflix Original Series "13 Reasons Why".  "13 Reasons Why" has stirred up a lot of controversy.  In the first moments, we discover that the main character, Hannah, has killed herself and left behind 13...