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Like Siskel and Ebert with a psychological twist. Shrink 2 Shrink is not a movie review show, we use the movies to discuss relationships, psychology and the inner world of our thoughts. Listen here as two relationship therapists have some fun analyzing all things relationships through the lens of popular movies. We’ll play movie clips and discuss them to educate you while having some fun talking about the scene. We’ll be covering friendships, intimacy, dating, how to fight fair, addictions, parenting, depression, emotion management, marriage, divorce, grief, joy and really, anything else about relationships we can find! A new episode launches the last day of each month. You will learn AND have a bit of fun. Colleen Mullen and Courtney Calkins are licensed Marriage and family Therapists in California. This show is for entertainment purposes only.
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Aug 29, 2016

Like Siskel and Ebert with a psych twist as we discuss the psychological aspects of the 2016 movie Demolition.


Grief, stress, coping, and relationships are the major themes of this discussion centered around the themes from the Demolition movie.

Full Episode Release 8-31-16

Jul 5, 2016

This is a Shrink 2 Shrink sampler, Dr Colleen Mullen and Courtney Calkins have produced 6 shows and here are a few clips from our each of our 6 shows so far.


Shrink to Shrink uses the movies to examine psychology and relationships and we apply the concepts to all of our lives.  We don’t do film reviews,  we are just use the content of the films to talk about psychology as well as the human condition.  We are like Siskel and Ebert with a psych twist.


So if you haven’t heard all of the Shrink to Shrink shows, keep listening and learn what this show is all about.


If you have seen the film Gone Girl you have seen Crazy Amy - we break down this film and find the things we can all learn from the movie not just to avoid crazy people.


Creed is more than just Rocky 15 or whatever.  We find out why this iconic series remains and we recognize Rocky’s wisdom and how this rags to riches story speaks to something deep inside all of us.


We examine what it means to have a real relationship and how Artificial Intelligence will affect human interactions when we discuss the movies Ex Machina and the movie Her.


Comedy movies can makes us laugh while making us think about our lives and experiences.

On this episode of Shrink2Shrink we analyze Amy Schumers movie Trainwreck and we discover that this comedy can teach us a lot about relationships as well as family.


The animated movie Inside Out does a great job at describing our emotional life; and on this episode we dive deeper into some of the concepts from film.


You may never be left alone to die on Mars but when we explore the psychological world of the movie The Martian, we find many different themes that we can all relate to


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Jun 30, 2016

Shrink2Shrink podcast – Like Siskel & Ebert, with a psychological twist!  


On this episode of @Shrink2Shrink we psychologically dismantle the 2015 movie Creed.  Here, our 2 shrinks Dr. Colleen Mullen and Courtney Calkins  discuss themes from the movie and explore what we can learn for our own lives using the themes of the film: family ties, what makes a family, and how Adonis Creed makes sense of being born to the incredible Apollo Creed – he never knew his father, but he has the same passion for boxing as his father.  We also explore how living with a legend in the family can be something that can open doors for us, but can also be something we want to keep hidden. Then, we get to reminisce about our love for the icon of Rocky Balboa as a cultural icon and the spark that the stories ignite in each one of us and why.  What is it about his achievements, his love of both boxing and Adrian (“Yo, Adrian!”) that inspire us?  Listen in as we examine love, relationships, loneliness, overcoming obstacles, resiliency and following your passions.


Next Shrink2Shrink podcast will examine the movie Zootopia


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CREED MOVIE 2015 - how to watch:


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Jun 5, 2016

Get a taste of our first 5 episodes with clips from each one of the shows in only 10 minute. Learn to listen and listen to learn.

Episode show links below

“Inside Out”

"The Martian"

 "Gone Girl" 


"Ex Machina" & "Her" 


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Dr. Colleen Mullen = @DrColleenMullen

Courtney Calkins = @QuadFatherMft 

May 31, 2016

2 Shrinks breaking down the psych aspects of the movie The Martian.  We analyze several different psychological and interpersonal aspects of this film and use the information to help us learn about ourselves and our relationships.  The Martian touches on themes of:

  1. Isolation
  2. Depression and Social Isolation
  3. Cognitive therapy intervention basics
  4. Keeping Secrets
  5. Sarcasm and Touch in affection
  6. Problem Solving in relationships

The Martian movie can be purchased just about anywhere that sells movies, here is the Amazon link:


The official soundtrack for The Martian movie can be purchased many places online and here is the Amazon link:

Apr 30, 2016

In this episode of Shrink2Shrink, Courtney & Colleen explore the relational themes in the movie “Trainwreck!”. Amy Schumer appears lost in a sea of men, casually bopping from one to another, until a certain piece of man meat catches her in a way she hadn’t expected. We’ll discuss parents influence over what your kids believe, the process of watching your parents recognize their own mortality, sibling differences, what we say to impress a crush, the pressure to have kids, and so much more! Join us!

Next up! TrainWreck! – She sure is! Or is she? She might just be a product of her upbringing and just struggling to get her life sorted and find love like the rest of us?
In this movie, Amy Schumer plays a woman living a sexually carefree life until she meets a nice doctor with whom she seemingly has little in common with. When he begins to pursue her, she tries to run away and treat him like the piece of man meat that he is, but she feels compelled to go against her better judgment. In this movie, Courtney & I had plenty to talk about in regards to relationships, family dynamics, and single life. We got in some good giggles too!

In this episode, we discuss:
“Monogamy isn’t realistic!” – how what our parents teach us when we are young really guides us as adults.

When Amy and her sister go through their father’s belongings, we discuss the family process of grief, and how, even though you were raised in the same house, you may have very different reactions than your siblings.

“I’m memorabilia” – what it’s like to watch our parents recognize their own mortality

“Do you like sports?”- Oh what we won’t say to try to get a date!

“Do I have to worry about you with other guys?” – What’s it like when one person thinks your exclusive and the other doesn’t? uh, oh!!

“I’m finally going to be a grandfather!” – Families don’t always agree on who constitutes a family member. It’s unfortunate that even though we have so many blended families these days, some extended family members may still not recognize the step-siblings as family members.

Do we all just keep dating different people from the same mold?

“Your life has not begun since you don’t have a baby”- Oh brother! Don’t get me started. There are so many ways people with children have found to make us childless women feel inadequate – Thanks ladies!

“Just keep her away from the athletes” - What happens when you bring your new love interest around your family too soon and they make totally inappropriate jokes about you!

Have you played the “Skeletons in the closet game”? – You can really learn about who has no boundaries in this one! I’ll drink to that!

The death of Amy’s father – how we process grief is different for everybody, but it’s a process that takes time- Amy’s boss doesn’t seem to get that.

Apr 30, 2016

Killing your spouse, that is really bad for a relationship & other wiser observations 

@DrColleenMullen @QuadFatherMft 
2 Shrinks talk about Type A vs Type B in relationships & more relationship tips

Do you know your Authentic self? Who are you in relationships if you don’t know?

How to stay away from arguments when you disagree & creating “good repair”

Do you need to know yourself in order to be your best in your relationship?

How long does it take to REALLY know a person

Do you want to be right or have a relationship?

Couples go through seasons of life, they develop & change, like individuals develop @DrColleenMullen #GoneGirl @Shrink2Shrink

Do you get friendly with the ex-partner of your current relationships? @DrColleenMullen  #GoneGirl @Shrink2Shrink

Gone Girl (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)


Apr 22, 2016

The movie “Inside Out” is the topic of discussion for Courtney & Dr. Mullen.  How accurately does this move capture the emotional interplay within our minds.  The discussion touches on what can happen to us if we are not aware of our feelings and if we don’t share our deeper feelings with the people in our lives.  How to improve our day to day life by being aware of and honoring our own emotional experience and process.


Dr. Colleen Mullen is from (among other things) her podcast Coaching Through Chaos she can also be found on twitter at


“Inside Out” Official Movie Site

“Inside Out” soundtrack can be purchased here